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Extraction kit 9018
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Extraction kit by MA Dental comes with a sterilizations tray. You can add/swap instruments of your choice in the kit.It contains (by default):1. Diamond coated forceps, fig. 22 lower molars2. Diamond coated forceps, fig. 22 lower molars3. Diamond coated forceps, fig. 22 lower molars4. Diamond coated forceps, fig. 51A Upper roots5. Crile-wood needle holder 15cm (TC)6. Mathuei needle holder, 17cm, curved (TC)7. Root tip elevators- straight 8. Root tip elevators- left9. Root tip elevators- right10. Large multi-instrument tray
X-tool Bernard spade elevators kit with cassette - 7pcs 248
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X-tool Bernard spade elevators Set consists of:• X-tool External, curved• X-tool Internal, curved• X-tool Spade, straight• X-tool Spade, internal curved• X-tool Spade, external curved• X-tool Spade angled, right• X-tool Spade angled, left
Luxating elevators kit - 10pcs. 2101
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This set contains 10 Luxating elevators including:• Luxating elevator: Contra Curved 3• Luxating elevator: Duel edge 3- 5 mm• Luxating elevator: Duel edge 3 -1.5 mm• Luxating elevator: Straight 5• Luxating elevator: Straight 3• Luxating elevator: Straight 2• Luxating elevator: Straight 1• Luxating elevator: Curved 5• Luxating elevator: Inside Curved 3• Luxating elevator : Curved 3
Extraction Forceps children - 7pcs 510
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This gift box includes 7 most-used extracting forceps for children. It includes the following forceps:• Fig. 3 Upper molar• Fig. 5 Lower incisors• Fig. 6 Lower molar• Fig. 7 Lower roots• Fig. 137 Upper incisors • Fig. 139 Upper premolar• Fig. 51s Upper roots
X-tool Luxating elevator kit with cassette - 7pcs 246
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X tool luxating elevators for a painless tooth extraction.
Luxating elevators kit - 8pcs 211
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In this Gift Box you will find the following luxating elevators:• Luxating elevators 5.0 mm – curved• Luxating elevators 4.0 mm – curved• Luxating elevators 3.0 mm – curved• Luxating elevators 2.5 mm – curved• Luxating elevators 2.5 mm – straight• Luxating elevators 3.0 mm – straight• Luxating elevators 4.0 mm – straight• Luxating elevators 5.0 mm – straight• 1 cassette
Extraction Forceps kit - 11pcs 520
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This gift box includes the 11 most-used regular extracting forceps, it includes the following forceps:• Fig. 51A. Upper Roots• Fig. 1. Upper Incisors and cuspids• Fig. 13. Lower cuspids and premolars• Fig. 22. Lower molars• Fig. 7. Upper premolars• Fig. 17. Upper molars, right• Fig. 18. Upper molars, left• Fig. 67A. Upper molars - For Upper wisdom teeth• Fig. 79. Lower wisdom teeth’s• Fig. 33A. Lower incisors, premolars & roots• Fig. 86A. Lower molars
Diamond Extracting forceps set 525
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10 most used diamond coated extracting forceps in a set.