Earth-Care Program

MA Dental's Earth Care program recycles used dental instruments to support environmental awareness.

Earth-Care Program

Earth care program by MA Dental is an earth-friendly initiative that focuses on the recycling of dental instruments. Earth Care program facilitates ecological disposal of old and used dental instruments, regardless of the brand, and gives new MA Dental instruments to dental professionals and companies.  

Earth-Care program was founded in 2018 with an aim to be conscious of the environment and reduce dental waste as much as possible. We carefully select the salvageable instruments sent to us via the Earth care program, recondition them and send them to charities and donations that we care about in Europe. Furthermore, if the instruments are worn out and cannot be reconditioned, we forward them to our recyclers to safely dispose of them.

Instrument receiving

We receive old/used dental instruments of IDX/any other brand from you


To analyse the instruments internally


To put instruments into recycling accordingly


Customer receive brand new instruments from us. 

Earth-care program's policy & plan


We give you 1 FREE IDX instrument based on the quantity of the instruments received. For example, if we receive 10 Gracey curettes, 5 mirror handles and 2 explorers, you’ll get 1 FREE Gracey curette from IDX. You can select your own choice of Gracey curettes of same line.

Generally, we accept any instrument that is hand-powered. We accept any instruments that come under the dental categories like endodontic, diagnostic, restoration, hygiene, etc. from any brand/manufacturer.

Yes, please remove any debris from the instruments and sterilize them before sending them in.

No, we are happy to accept dental instruments (reusable) from any manufacturer / brand.  You have to bear the 2-way shipping cost, to and from us.

Ascertain that the instruments have been properly sterilized and are safely packaged. The tips aren't protruding from the package because this could endanger delivery personnel and jeopardize the instrument's quality.

You are welcome to contact our Customer Sales Representative at  for a prompt response.