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At MA Dental, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of premium dental instruments and products, thoughtfully crafted to meet ergonomic standards for optimal performance and satisfaction. Our diverse portfolio addresses various dental specialties, such as endodontics, implantology, periodontology, and orthodontics. We equip our distributors with over 1,200 products, ensuring dental professionals have what they need.

We are excited to share that our European distributor network, comprising above 36  partners, ensures swift delivery and convenient access to our products. This network is poised for further growth, with upcoming private-label collaborations and a strategic market expansion, particularly with the anticipated "Made in Denmark" coming year. These developments are expected to significantly enhance our market reach and attract both new distributors and private-label brands.

Our pricing strategy is carefully designed to balance competitive pricing with substantial ROI potential for our distributors, fostering mutual growth and market share expansion. This strategy will evolve in 2024 with a planned price adjustment, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation.

At MA Dental, exceptional customer service and comprehensive marketing support are cornerstones of our distributor relationships. Our dedicated sales team is committed to helping you maximize ROI and leverage our extensive product range for success.

With our Copenhagen warehouse, we guarantee timely and accessible product delivery, ensuring dental professionals have reliable access to our instruments when needed.

Interested in joining our growing network of distributors? This is a pivotal moment to become part of a dynamic and expanding market. For more information on becoming a distributor and to explore the benefits we offer, please fill out the form below or reach out via email. Act now to start broadening your market presence with MA Dental.

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Wide Product Range

we offer an ever-expanding portfolio of dental instruments for everyday use

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Strong Distributor Network

Join our growing network of trusted distributors across Europe.

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Dedicated Customer Support

Partner with us for excellent customer service and marketing support

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Competitive Pricing

Attractive pricing for a great return on investment.

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Fast European Delivery

Orders are delivered quickly from our Copenhagen warehouse.

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Product Customization

Customized products are available to meet the needs of your market.

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Explore our range of high-quality, ergonomically designed dental instruments and products at MA Dental. With 1,200+ items and 25 distributors across Europe, we offer fast delivery and competitive pricing to help grow your business. Contact us via the form or email to learn more.

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