Sterilizations Cassettes
What makes MA Dental's sterilization trays so special?

Sterilization cassettes

What makes MA Dental’s sterilization trays so special?

Fine dental instruments are valuable and require regular cleaning and sterilization. MA Dental’s sterilization trays help protects the instruments from damage.

Some of the advantages of MA Dental’s sterilization trays include:

  • Top-grade structural integrity makes the sterilization trays ideal for handling dental instruments.
  • Suitable for autoclave, dry heat, and steam sterilization
  • Can hold anywhere between 5-20 instruments
  • Available in high-quality plastic and stainless-steel variants

What’s more, they are also available in a variety of fun colors!

Stainless-steel cassettes

MA Dental has a range of rust-free trays that are made of durable stainless steel. There are two types of stainless-steel sterilization trays available:  

  • Detachable lid

  • Fixed lid.

Detachable lid

Detachable lid design allows for easier visibility of instruments. It saves space during surgery as you can detach the lid and place it under the tray. Very easy handling and open/close functionality.

Fixed lid

Fixed lid trays allow for great handling of dental instruments as they can be safely secured and positioned inside.  These sterilization trays are fully Autoclavable and can be used for both disinfection & sterilization in a single tray. These trays come in 3 colors; red, blue, and green.


Features of MA Dental trays include:

  • Detachable & fixed lid and anti-rust material
  •  Easy access, space-saving & quick handling
  •  Disinfection and sterilization in a single tray
  •  Great visibility of instruments
  •  Reduced risk of injury and procedure time
  •  Adjustable silicone

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