IDX instruments
A collection of everyday use of ergonomic dental instruments

IDX dental instruments by MA Dental

The world is changing. People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ergonomics, and this is particularly true for dentists and dental hygienists. As they spend their days working with dental instruments, many people can suffer from chronic pain or discomfort because of issues related to ergonomics. That’s why the dentistry sector needs products that help reduce stress on dental professionals so they can keep doing their job properly without feeling limited by the tools which they use each day.
The IDX line of silicone dental instruments by MA Dental helps solve this problem by reducing risk factors that might otherwise cause dental professionals to lose time on the job due to side effects caused by poor ergonomics.

Why ergonomic dental instruments?

Ergonomic dental instruments are important in a dental clinic for three main reasons. They are convenient for the dentist, which means that they are easier to use, the dentist will be less fatigued, and there will be less strain on the hands, arms, and wrists of the dentist, which will reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. The last reason is most important, by using ergonomic dental instruments in a dental clinic, will reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, which most often occur in the hands, arms, and wrists. Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common type of disorder in the US workforce. This is most often caused by repetitive tasks, like the ones that your dentist does every day. By using ergonomic dental instruments in a dental clinic, there will be less strain on the hands, arms, and wrists of the dentist, which will reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Moreover, dental instruments are kind of boring. They need to be more than just safe and comfortable. IDX dental instruments were designed by dentists, for dentists. They are aesthetically pleasing and offer comfort that gives you the flexibility to work efficiently.

IDX handle has the following features:

Ergonomic design

12mm thickness, fits perfectly to your hands.

Anti-rust instrument

Made from high-quality stainless steel.

Light Weight & non-slip

Weighs only up to 14g

Autoclavable Max. 180°C

Use it again & again & again…

Excellent wear-resistant

Wear resistance is excellent, and the product has a long working life.

Everyday collection

Everything you need for your daily clinical use.


What are IDX instruments made of?

IDX is a collection of ergonomically designed dental instruments that are made from silicone. The silicone material makes the tools very soft and flexible, which makes them less stressful to use. They are more comfortable on your hands and can be used for a longer period of time without causing fatigue or hand cramps.

Following instruments are available with an ergonomic IDX handle. 

Dental Explorers, Single & Double-endedPeriodontal Probes Single & Double-ended
Ergonomic Mirror handlesDental Excavators
Composite instrumnetsGracey curettes
Sickle & Hoe scalersBone curettes
Endodontic instrumentsSpecial instruments
Universal curettesNon-stick composite instruments

Having only ever used premium surgical instruments for the past 20 years, I have very discerning and exacting requirements of my hand instruments to enable me to produce the consistently high quality of work required in private specialist practice.  The selection of restorative instruments from INSTRUDENTS IDX complement my usual instruments perfectly; they are in many ways a natural evolution of instrument design, incorporating the comfort of modern silicone handles, near-prefect balance-points, exceptionally comfortable ergonomic design, and quality working tips.  The clear and legible labelling on the instrument handles and the distinctive colour coding make the identification and selection of these instruments almost intuitive, a pleasant bonus that my dental nurses really appreciate. My hygienists love these instruments for their daily work too and I look forward to seeing the range of instruments broaden in the future.

Dr. Anil Shershtha • Clinical Director / Registered Specialist in Prosthodontics - London UK

Check out IDX dental instruments that add a professional look and comfort that give you the flexibility to work efficiently.