Mathieu Needle holders

Longer surgical procedures can be challenging to manage and needle holders are helpful tools for applying sutures during surgery. They are also frequently used in dentistry to assist surgeons during procedures where needles must be changed on a regular basis. 

The Mathieu needle holder is an excellent instrument for working with long sutures during complex surgeries. Work is made easier when the needles need to be replaced frequently, like when performing surgery on people whose skin has less elasticity or who are very thin.

Dentists also use the Mathieu needle holder to help them grasp and insert surgical needles; it simplifies their work greatly because of its’s serrated tip that helps prevent them from slipping when in use. Besides that, the striped handle allows an easy grip of the instrument while both ends are tipped with stainless steel and tungsten carbide - high-quality materials that stand up well even when dealing with the most sensitive patients in delicate procedures 

Invention: Mathieu needle holder's name refers to the French surgeon, Louis Mathieu who invented it in 1874. It has since been modified and improved on over the years.



MA Dental offers 8 kinds of Mathieu needle holders. Each of these products has two standard diameters: 14 cm or 17 cm, and either straight or curved tips. Embedded within each model are optional Tungsten Carbide tips.

ideal for surgeries, in which it's required to change the needles often

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