Gracey curettes
Ideal instruments used for scaling and root planning

Gracey curettes: A common curette used in modern-day dentistry.

Gracey curettes are among the most popular and commonly used forms of curetting instruments offered by MA Dental. These curettes can be found in a variety of handle types, such as, IDX handles which are ergonomic handles made from medical-grade silicone. They're known for reducing fatigue caused by repetitive motions yet still provide maximum control. Or there are also traditional style stainless steel handles that are not only pleasing to the eye but will fit your hand comfortably so they don't slip out of your grasp mid-operation or during heavy-duty procedures.

Gracey Curettes are an area-specific type of curette used in dentistry. A curette, as an instrument, is generally a small scoop-like surgical instrument used to remove material by cutting or scooping. In dentistry, it is mainly utilized during the scaling process to remove deposits between the gums and tooth or from periodontal pockets. There are many different types for a variety of uses but curettes have become more popular lately due to their safety and efficacy.

MA Dental offers a wide range of curettes such as: 

Gracey curettes typesIDX ergonomic handlePremium handle (Ø9.5mm-hollow)Classic handle 8,  (Ø8mm-hollow)Classic handle 6 (Ø6mm solid)
Regular Gracey Curette

Mini Gracey Curette

Rigid Gracey Curette

Non-stick regular Gracey curette


Selecting the Gracey curette

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which is the best Gracey curette for you. In this guide, we dig deeper into how each curette is different so that you can choose the one that’s right for your practice.

Regular Gracey curettes
Mini Gracey curettes
Rigid Gracey curettes

Ideal for removing subgingival calculus.

Ideal for scaling deep, narrow pockets

Ideal for more pressure to be applied

Blade shank 50% less & 10% thinner as compared to regular

Thicker, rigid & wider working-end than regular Gracey

See the image illustration of the difference between Gracey curettes.

Mini Gracey curettes VS Standard Gracey curettes

Mini Gracey curettes are often seen as good alternatives to standard-sized curettes. These small tools have terminal shanks that are 3mm long, while standard Gracey curettes have terminal shanks that can measure up to 9 mm. The blades of mini Gracey curettes are also 50% shorter and 10% thinner compared to their standard-sized counterparts. You may find these types of Gracey curettes helpful when it comes time for scaling in deep, narrow pockets.

Rigid Gracey curettes VS Standard Gracey curettes

Rigid Gracey's blade shank is thicker than the standard model, and its working end is slightly wider. This allows for greater pressure to be exerted on the material before you need to readjust yourself.

We hope you enjoyed our post about Gracey curettesl! MA Dental offers a variety of Gracey curettes for all sorts of situations. If you have any other questions or concerns about Gracey curettes or dental tools, please contact us at Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

Gracey curettes are ideal for scaling and root planing.

See below some of the collection of Gracey curettes by MA Dental