Color-Code Rings
For easy identification and organization of dental instruments

Color-code rings for dental instruments

Color coding your surgical instruments is an easy way to improve the effectiveness of your surgery. Before the days of color-coding, there was a limited way to differentiate between instruments. This opened the door for medical mistakes. For example, the wrong forceps could be used during surgery, which could lead to disastrous results.

MA Dental introduces color-code rings to solve this problem. Our color-coded rings are very safe, completely autoclavable, and are made with the highest quality stainless steel material. Color-code rings are very easy to clean which makes them ideal for any dental office.

Practical information:
Color-coded rings 12 colors with dimensions of 4.2 x 6.5 x 3.2 mm for easy instrument identification and organization. 

Color-Code rings per box?
Color-coded rings contain 50 pcs per box. 

Sterilization information:
Cold sterilization or autoclaving are both options.


Please see the collection of color-code rings for dental instruments by MA Dental

    Different color options make it easy identification of different instruments and their organization.

    Generally it applies to any dental clinic, as these color-code rings are used by Dentists to organise dental instruments for easy sterilization. However particularly it makes it much easier for Dental Hygienists & technicians to identify instruments in Dental Clinic.

    Are color-code dental rings useful?

    Color-code rings are useful for maintaining proper instrument order in cassettes and identifying instruments by procedure. Withstands steam sterilization. 

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