Root Canal Explorer IDX 11016
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Root canal explorer by InstruDents X has sharp, long tips to facilitate in the opening and locating root canals to provide proper access for preparation instruments during a root canal procedure. This instrument helps to explore inside the tooth so that the endodontist can locate the orifices. It can also be used to remove trace amounts of calcification.
Root Canal Explorer (IDX-Plus) IDXP 11016
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Root Canal Explorer from IDX Plus is a combination instrument that is double-ended, ball-ended and combines Explorer 23 and CP-2 Probe in one instrument. Explorer 23 is used for detecting tooth decay at tooth enamel. It is commonly used in dental armamentarium. Dental explorers detect the pinhole areas of tooth where cavity can form and also picks up debris in between teeth and gum. Whereas, CP-2 gives a better assessment of gingival pocket depth by increasing tactile sensitivity. It does not damage the surrounding tissue.