All-Round Perio Set
Perforated Base Tray 18.5cm - 28.5cm
Perforated Base Tray 18.5cm - 28.5cm
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Micro Surgery Tweezer (Kocher Tip)15cm
Micro Surgery Tweezer (Kocher Tip)15cm
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All-Round Perio Set

Get 9 periodontal instruments + 1 sterilization cassette with the InstruDents X All-Round Perio Set. Perfect for enhanced dental procedures

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Brand: IDX instruments
IDX instruments

12mm handle thickness, silicone grip for comfort, control, precision.
- Colorful range of high-quality dental instruments.
- Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and improves efficiency.
- Wide product range to meet specific needs of dental professionals.
Perfect blend of form and function with IDX Instruments.

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IDX 17083
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The All-Round Perio Set by IDX is a complete kit that includes 9 periodontics instruments and one sterilization tray (plastic). This set includes instruments ranging from Mini Sickle Scaler to Gracey 15-16. It's designed for dentists who require a complete set of instruments for all types of periodontal procedures. 

  • Mini Sickle Scaler 
  • Crane-Kaplan 
  • McCall 17-18 Curette 
  • Gracey 1-2 
  • Gracey 9-10 
  • Gracey 11-12 '
  • Gracey 13-14
  • Gracey 15-16 
  • Micro Sickle Scaler 
  • Manage Dental Cassette
Brand IDX instruments