Dental College Tweezer
Understand types of dental college tweezers

College tweezer

There are many different kinds of tweezers used in dentistry. In this blog post we are going to talk about the College tweezer - A highly popular tweezer used on a daily basis in the dental clinics. 

Types of College tweezers:
MA Dental has three kinds of College tweezers and common for all three is that the beak of the tweezers is serrated and angled, in order to provide the best angle to perform the procedure.

The three different kinds are:

The purpose of the college Tweezers

The purpose of the tweezer is to place or remove cotton rolls (or other small objects) between cheek and gum, during examination or treatment. The tweezer with the lock helps locking the cotton in the mouth, to avoid dropping it, and to keep the hands free. 

The availability of the College tweezer: All of our College tweezers can be bought separately or as a part of some of our kits. 

View some of the kits have College tweezers and some of the top-seller Meriam Tweezers:


College Vs Meriam Tweezers
Understanding the Difference